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2 weeks ago

Many thanks go to Anna Bancroft, Sam Cornwell and students of DANCOP for this fantastic donation of rucksacks, sleeping bags etc from a recent overseas trip.

1 month ago
'It’s a miracle': Helsinki's radical solution to homelessness

Finland is the only EU country where homelessness is falling. Its secret? Giving people homes as soon as they need them – unconditionally

4 months ago
Rough sleeping in has 'increased substantially' - but what is the solution?

Councillor Toby Neal’s comments in this article are a disgrace. “Just keep harassing them”. That’s not a solution to homelessness, but it is an invite to hate crimes on homeless people...

'Once people become entrenched on the streets, that becomes the norm'

5 months ago
The lonely and destitute who will walk miles for a free meal in Birmingham

Ben Bradley et al tell us there's no need to keep feeding the homeless, that the numbers are 'low' ?? That has us confused as we have the same problems as Birmingham...

Welfare cuts and loneliness are driving people onto the streets of Birmingham in search of food

5 months ago
Homeless Britain

This has to end and end a.s.a.p...

Kane Walker died in a Doorway, over the weekend, aged 31. the police always say there were no suspicious Circumstances. Yes, there were, they died alone frightened, ill and possibly Freezing to ... See more

6 months ago

Helping the Homeless would like to thank the following for all the support received in 2018...

Amanda Page of Sylvan Furniture based in Pleasley Mills for the Christmas Day Meal donations.

Rob ... See more

7 months ago
The government's housing minister can't explain the rise in rough sleepers | The Big Issue

Tell her to come chat with us, it starts with "Tory Policy"...

We can

7 months ago

A massive thank you goes out too the travelling community, and B&M Stockwell gate, for the kind donations.
Can't thank them enough.

9 months ago
The Grey Muzzle Canine Hospice Project


This week is turning out to be a devastating one for us.One of the dogs we support,has died unexpectedly tonight.We had got to know and love her over the last few months,she was so loved by her owner ... See more

9 months ago
More than one homeless person dies every day in the UK, study finds

Sad study, sad state of affairs, when will the govt' listen to the grassroots volunteers ? :'(

'This is a wake-up call to see homelessness as a national emergency,' said Crisis CEO Jon Sparkes

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